Summer Nightlife Outreach

Every summer the beaches of Constanta are flooded by young people from all over the country. They are coming to enjoy the sun, the sea, and the nightlife. While they are looking for a good time, they give themselves over to alcohol, sex, and drugs; hoping for a sense of fulfillment. Often, they realize it’s not what they are looking for, but they don’t know what it is that would fulfill their desires. We believe that this generation is ready for an encounter with Jesus. 

That is why we are reaching out to them in different ways by bringing short-term mission teams to the party scene of Constanta and its surroundings in the months of July and August. During the night and early morning shifts, we connect, share, and offer prayer so that ultimately these young people will experience Jesus’ love and care for them. We invite them to the International Cafe as an opportunity to connect on a deeper level. Our desire is to see this generation touched and changed forever by the love and grace of Christ!

The ministry has grown in the last years, and while we are reaching out to the people of Constanta throughout the whole summer, there is the opportunity to join Summer Nightlife Outreach in different party destinations of Europe for two weeks. 

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