connect cafeOur vision to be the bridge that connects the Deaf and the hearing communities, by empowering and discipling the Deaf people to live for God, and by training the hearing people in how to approach and include the Deaf people in all areas of life.

The Deaf people are the most unreached people group in the world. Access to information and good education has been lacking for many Deaf people, therefore their access to the message of the Gospel is lessened too. Connect reaches out to the Deaf people in the city with the love of God, sharing the Good News in their native language, which is sign language.

We reach out to the Deaf community in Constanta through Connect Café, a place where they can socialize, enjoy great coffee and to learn new things. We also invest in one on one’s/ small group bible study, home visits, showing God’s love through friendship, encouragement and being an example to those that are open and ready for more. Our dream is to pioneer the first sign language DTS in 2019/2020.

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